Question:  "I used another websites' services like Trial By Written Declaration and I lost, why is that?"

Answer:     There are number of sites that offer pay-for services to help you beat your ticket using the Trial By Written Declaration.  In most instances, red light camera tickets are difficult to beat with this method and many people still lose.  This is because each case is unique:  different equipment, different intersection, different driver, etc.  Why waste your money on chance? 

Question: "Ok then, so why is different?" 

Answer:  The method of fighting your ticket in You Don't Have to Pay is not conditioned on the specifics of your case. The argument you will present in court  is a constitutional one and therefore it doesn't matter who you are, what state you live in, where the camera is located, or how it is configured.

Question:  " I spoke with someone who told me they fought their ticket in court and won because of x, y, & z. Do you promote those techniques?"

Answer:  There are many brave people who have fought their tickets in court.  I commend them and some win and many others lose.  For those that win, they generally do a lot of research beforehand. This includes reviewing the red light camera laws and statues first, and then revisiting the intersection where they got the ticket to try and find a loophole in the law that they can exploit.  On rare occasions, there are also people who get lucky and have their case dismissed on some technicality.  But ask yourself this, do you really have time or the desire to sift through the complicated ins and outs of the civil system? There is no need for that with this method. You just read the short guidelines in You Don't Have to Pay and get straight to beating your ticket.